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Human Resources Tips For Common Problems.

Foremost in your arsenal should be knowledge of all the local and international laws and rights that protect your workforce as well as all that protect your company. Knowing the letter of the law regarding such basic requirements as safety, security, compensation and scheduling goes a long way to generating positive relations between the company as an entity and its employees, as you are able and willing to accommodate them while laying down appropriate structures to deal with company oversights or shortfalls as well as mete out appropriate disciplinary procedures for wayward staff. Taking the time to ensure that you and your colleagues are cogent of all the rights and regulations will ensure that all possible events are protected against.

Best practices for managing scheduling and overtime need to followed to the letter as incorrect compensation for time worked is a common pain point between companies and workforce. It is very important to understand how overtime accumulates and to install a proper time and attendance system to track all employees. This allows for at-a-glance assessment of allotted working hours on a per-employee and per-department basis as well as accurately tracking hours and their associated rates. Accurate and pedantic recording of each employees work hours protects employees from overwork and the company from violating employee rights.

Utilising software to schedule employees allows a swift solution to allocating staff across your enterprise and deploying and redeploying staff to appropriate locations based on under or over-staffed environments. Precision management of scheduling allows for appropriate management of your workforce according to demands. This results in significant increases to your profit margins by ensuring the company is only utilising the exact amount of staff required across the board instead of paying for the presence of under-utilised employees. The time tracking software embedded into the system automatically synchronises with the payroll software to ensure that your staffs time is tracked, classified and compensated.

Documentation and Human Resources are indivisible, this being said too many companies rely on archaic ink and paper and xeroxed copies stored in old metal filing cabinets and managed via a barely understood filing system. This way of document management is untenable and does not lend itself to fluid scaling of your enterprise once you begin to grow. Centralizing and digitizing employee records whether they are copies of IDs, forklift operator licenses or medical certificates results in an efficient system where each document is retrievable with a few keystrokes. Added benefits of the system include enterprise level security as the majority of this documentation is highly sensitive and the built in alerts when certifications, licenses et al are nearing expiry so that renewals can be booked. The time saved with digital document management and the peace of mind knowing that the documents are stored securely impacts your internal processes by greatly streamlining them and assuring staff are always properly certified, licensed to be operating in their departments.