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Why investing in Time and Attendance Software is key.

Tracking your employee’s attendance through a cloud based web application in tandem with physical biometric equipment installed at your premises is not a trivial investment. Once you have bought the hardware, subscribed to the SaaS and consulted with professionals to maximise your usage and ensure uptake of the system you will want to see how quickly you are able to amortise the initial cost by tightening your control on employee lateness and time mismanagement.

The hiring of an employee is ultimately the purchase by the company of an individual’s time at an agreed rate. This means that between the hours of open and close of business, the employee’s time is yours and the onus is on the employee not to short change you by repeatedly being late, leaving early or taking extended lunch breaks. If you have paid for 120 hours a month and only receive 112, then you have lost a considerable amount of money. In fact an entire day’s worth of labour, so what now? Spread across an entire workforce your entire profit margin is affected to a massive degree and effects a profound loss of income as projects are pushed back, performance penalties incurred and equipment hire costs lengthen.

So what does time and attendance do to mitigate your employees delinquencies? It creates an accountable, traceable report of each individual’s time infractions allowing you to accurately address chronic issues, identify bottlenecks and analyse what external factors may be influencing your current time and attendance statistics. Further, with the enforcement of tighter attendance requirements it serves to modify employee behaviour in a positive manner now that an objective, unbiased device is responsible for reporting on their attendance and places the responsibility on the employee to ensure that they are present at all agreed times. This helps to nurture a culture of accountability in your workplace and fosters a greater work ethic.

With the emplacement of simple measures and educating your workforce to the nature of your system and what it entails, including what the recourse for multiple infractions is, you will be able to stabilise your investment in each employee and achieve a greater return thereof.