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Time and Attendance Applications: Construction and Property Development Industry

The construction industry is an expansive, multi-faceted and fast-paced industry that requires constant monitoring and management of staff from multiple tiers of skills, departments and locations. Costs can easily snowball unless tight control is exerted over elements such as the short-term hire of specialists and absenteeism that can lead to missed deadlines that can cause penalty fees.

Our time and attendance software incorporates multiple systems such as shift and leave scheduling, access control and cost management that safeguards construction projects from the many pitfalls and issues that can oftentimes rear their heads at the worst possible times.

Our implementation of biometric fingerprint scanning at our fixed and mobile terminals eliminates the first and most common issues of time theft and the fraudulent clocking in of absentees by colleagues swiping their cards. Fingerprint scanning also sidesteps issues caused by forgotten id cards and ensuring 100% identification of each employee. Our fixed and mobile terminals are also IP rated to a sufficient degree that will ensure continued usage in any conditions.

Cost management headaches caused by mixed labourers of differing employment terms and pay scales is a thing of the past as their payroll information is captured automatically and easily exported to existing payroll systems. Employees switching between jobs of differing payscales are simply switched and their costs adjusted on the fly by changing their job status in the app.

Our advanced shift scheduling and leave management component allows you to ensure a full workforce at any time and allows you to plan far in advance for any eventuality. The system is also agile enough to switch or extend shifts at will for unexpected events.

The full-featured employee data management component incorporates a complete document management system to store employee records such as forklift driving licenses, IDS, VISAs and allows you to receive notifications when certifications expire to ensure that you always remain compliant. All information is stored securely in the cloud, allowing for seamless synchronization between multiple locations while strict role-based management and security protocols protect you against intrusion or malicious manipulation or theft of your data.

For more information on how EDMA time and attendance software can help you manage your workforce and boost your profits give us a call today and our trained staff will advise you on how to supercharge your business.