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Time and Attendance Applications: Health and Medical Industries

Health care and medical facilities offer particularly challenging setups as there are a number of variables to consider such as nonstandard shift patterns, cost management rules and the need for highly flexible, on the fly shift amendments.

Medical and health facilities rely on 24 hour full staff complements to provide continuous care to patients so it is imperative that the time and attendance software is agile enough to compensate for tricky shift patterns and also to capitalise on available employee time by identifying gaps in attendance and reporting overlong breaks or early leaving. This speaks also to the ability of the software to maximise profits by only paying out according to time worked by employees and/or if employees are salaried then steps can be taken to enforce disciplinary protocols and plug any leaks you may have in attendance that are costing the facility money.

At its core, time and attendance and shift scheduling software shares many common concepts and solutions across the various industries such as the understanding between employee and employer that there is an expectation of how, when and where work is carried out. However, the Health and medical industry is unique in that it has often abnormal scheduling, insufficient staffing and is also physically and emotionally demanding. With the industry’s uniqueness in mind it is important to ensure that it is appropriately catered for and that all solutions are tailored to best address all these issues.

Time and attendance software that is calibrated as per the industry’s needs will result in a solution that will monitor late arrivals and absenteeism but also create a wealth of actionable data that can be used to increase productivity and reduce administrative costs associated with over and understaffing shifts. The ability to automate the application and amendment of pay scales on a per shift, per role and per employee basis aids in curtailing overspend and its integration with existing payroll systems further cuts down on expensive and unnecessary administrative busywork.

Installing a competent biometric system increases the facility’s security and employee accountability and enables you to manage access to sensitive areas, such as pharmaceutical storage, intensive care units and cash-handling areas amongst others.

EDMA’s mobile application allows for simple time and attendance tasks to be performed at a mobile terminal which aids in tracking employees who are deployed to multiple sites throughout the day. Biometric fingerprint scanning ensures that the correct employee is logged with the correct payscale applied.

Employee scheduling and shift management allows for compensation for absenteeism by allowing the human resource department to refer to employee records and source a suitable replacement to take up the slack and avoid from having to outsource expensive temporary employees. The software’s live dashboards also allows you to accurately determine the impact of absenteeism on productivity and profits and ensuring that the facility stays within the bounds of compliance.

EDMA’s solution is a holistic workforce management tool that can be tuned to whatever your facilities needs are. Whether you require a complete time and attendance application, biometric access control, employee data management system, or leave and shift scheduling. Once installed you will have immediate access to a wealth of information that will save you time and money, secure your facility and ensure compliance across the board.