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The Importance of Time and Attendance Software

Time and attendance software takes the pain out of manual management of your employees attendance records. The software creates an accessible record of your time and attendance records and creates reports to give you at-a-glance representations of all your employee data including shift attendance and pay rates.


Supervising the workplace and their attendance is key to your company’s performance. Supervisors must be aware of who is absent, who is on premises and working, where they are working and at what pay rate they are working at. They must also be able to forecast attendance by having pre-plotted shifts and ensuring proper leave management. The real cost of mismanaged attendance is far higher than the payment of wages and benefits.


Generating accurate and insightful metrics must come from a reliable source that doesn’t create too much unnecessary friction in the normal day to day of your employees to ensure 100% onboarding and continued implementation of the system. Biometrics are an excellent way to measure this as they don’t require a card, which stops the practice of fraudulent signups immediately and guarantees accurate capture of the employee’s clock-in time and identity.


EDMA Time and Attendance and Human Resource Management Software has a plethora of features geared to directly address the time and attendance needs of your business. Our time and attendance software module allows flawless tracking of employee attendance and absenteeism with full featured reporting to track departments and individuals. You are also able to forecast and plan attendance with our shift and leave scheduler to assure you are always at maximum possible capacity.  Our granular cost management software module allows you to manage payscales for employees throughout the day as they change shifts and jobs fluidly, of course this also allows you to integrate with your payroll system as well as generate actionable reports for true business intelligence.


These full-featured modules all allow you to begin or enhance your business intelligence strategies by giving you a birds eye view of your operations as well as the ability to drill-down to more granular data to examine individual records. This returns information on problematic or exemplary departments and individuals as well as company spend on labour and productivity rates.  All of this information results in a clear picture of how your business and your staff are performing. Not just limited to recording attendance you are able to discern patterns in attendance, identify overspend on labour and understaffing in different departments, view pay histories month on month and deep analysis of the data as a whole.


Time and attendance software is a tool for human resource managers, payroll specialists and any decision-makers in your enterprise. Adoption of the system is supported not only through its intuitive workflow but also via on-site training and a responsive support desk. Transform your business today and send us a mail on