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Must-have Time and Attendance Software Features

Time and attendance systems serve a number of important purposes. At the forefront of their feature set, they track the amount of time employees are working each day and whether they are sticking to their schedules, attendance and leave. In addition, time and attendance solutions precisely capture critical payroll information and ensure employees are accountable for their work. They can also decrease fraudulent clock-ins, increase security, maintain transparency and minimize administrative work.

When evaluating the feature sets of time and attendance software it is important to know the key items that are paramount for any TNA software.

Secure clock in and out

It sounds like the most basic and fundamental element of any time and attendance system but there are a number of systems that rely on manual entry of this data into the system in order for reports to be created. This creates a slew of compliance issues as it is inaccurate and can lead to the rounding-up of attendance hours which results in overpaying employees for their actual attendance or, conversely, underpaying them which leads to further complications and possibly legal action from unions. These reasons alone are enough to drive home that you need accurate, reliable capture of employee attendance, while several systems will offer card or tag-based time and attendance hardware, this can still lead to fraudulent clock-ins with absent employees being clocked in by their colleagues. A fail-safe against this is the installation of biometric fingerprint terminals which are unable to be bypassed.

Amendment of data

While it may sound counter-intuitive to allow edits to clock-in information it is a necessity to be able to edit the data to allow for employees who have simply forgotten to utilise the system or when the system fails due to damage or extended load shedding. This is generally managed by floor managers notifying human resource (HR) dddddddddddfstaff as to discrepancies and signing of on such to maintain the integrity of the system. Problems with the clocking in system itself or with the staff underutlising or disregarding the system can be quickly discerned by evaluating patterns in edits, allowing you to address and rectify them.

Remote clocking in

Having fixed biometric terminals on-premises is necessary to ensure that staff are able to clock in upon arrival, or even as part of your access-control but many industries conduct business off-premises. Modern time and attendance systems allow for the usage of remote, hard-wearing and IP-rated biometric terminals that operate on LTE or even staffs own mobile devices, allowing staff to accurately record their shifts wherever their work is being performed.


The ability to accurately record employee attendance is a great feature in and of itself but the true value of any system is its ability to produce actionable reports that can be evaluated by your human resource management professionals to adapt your workforce’s attendance to the company’s desired routine. The availability of granular data means you can drill down to department or even employee level to instantly discern problem areas within your company.

Payroll integration

Time and attendance software coupled with biometric hardware accurately and fairly captures employee hours. Top systems also allow for the assignment of specific pay-rates tied to the employee’s activities throughout the day and even allow you to plan shifts and manage leave to ensure that the company always has a full complement of staff. This information can be integrated with or exported to your existing payroll software to streamline the payments process as well as having the benefit of ensuring fair compensation to employees and and accurate expenditure by the company.

Keeping these five top features for time and attendance or human resource management applications in mind will allow you to make an informed decision when you take the plunge and invest in this software. For a detailed look at EDMA’s software, please call us or send an email to and our team will happily discuss a tailored solution for you and your business.