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5 Top Workforce Management Tips

1. Create a positive environment

Every workforce requires correct supervision, reinforcement and care for it to operate at its maximum capacity. A happy workforce gets to its optimal operational levels even faster as higher levels of job satisfaction and job security create an atmosphere conducive to productivity. Fair-minded enforcement of your rules and clear communication regarding your protocols helps you to appear more reasonable when meting out consequences for violations.

2. Have clear communication channels

Every member of the workforce and every department needs to have simple and effective communication channels that allows everyone to make decisions, give feedback and delegate tasks as quickly as possible, and with as little interruption as possible. Being able to send quick text messages and respond in kind is incredibly effective and low impact on employees. Consider integrating a tool like Slack, Skype or even Facebook for Business into your communication toolset to revolutionize your workforce’s ability to get things done. Defining clear channels for communication within your corporate structure or hierarchy will help your workforce to manage situations according to set protocols. This avoids lost messages or employees seeking information from incorrect or unqualified sources. Implementing these simple suggestions will go a long way to increasing your company’s productivity.

3. Set attainable goals

Managing your workforce also entails making sure that every employee has a clear purpose that will benefit the company and challenge the employee. Involving your employees directly by telling them how much their job impacts the company acts as positive reinforcement, giving the employee direction. Measuring and reporting back on performance in the attainment of these goals allows you and your employee to monitor progress and switch up tactics if necessary.

4. Be transparent

Clearly defining all your company’s policies and practices, processes and regulations ensures that your workforce is advised explicitly of what is expected of them professionally and how the company is governed. This promotes trust and builds loyalty within the workforce.

5. Empower your workforce with the right tools.

To make sure your workforce manages to meet deadlines and attain all the goals you set for them, it is important to give them the right tools for the job. Efficiency and productivity rely on the ability to work fast and well with minimal friction between the process and desired outcomes. Making small changes such as upgrading the computers to modern standards and acquiring the latest versions of licensed software goes a long way to achieving this. Computer users around the world lose as much as a full work week annually due to slow computers .