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Why cloud-based is better for business sustainability in the “New normal”.

If there’s one thing we have all learned from the COVID19 Pandemic, it’s that businesses need to be agile, and adaptable.

Many businesses were able to ramp up one aspect of their digital transformation plans very quickly, arranging their admin, sales, marketing and back office support staff to work from home, using wifi, laptops and numerous communication tools such as Skype, Teams, Zoom and Google meet.

Some staff have performed so well in this digital workspace that they’ve pioneered the trend that looks to be part of the “new normal” for many organizations.

Statistics show that businesses that were able to adapt their sales teams during the pandemic were able to hit or exceed their sales revenue targets by 64% , that’s a very important target to reach for the growth and sustainability aspects of the business, but what about other aspects of the business and the work tasks for staff members involved in other departments such as admin, payroll and HR to name a few.

These departments found that without
cloud-based software, working remotely was nearly impossible, more time consuming and, also hampered their ability to perform.

Digital transformation is not just about having appropriate fibre line speed and having the ability to have your weekly staff meetings, it’s about looking at your back office support structure and ensuring that the staff that are working from home, can do so with the best tools possible to get the job done on time and with little or no crisis management. With the right tools, they can even improve their performance and efficiencies without spending unnecessary time and energy on tasks.

That’s why I’m so pleased to have a business and cloud-based software product, that offers the opportunity to not only digitally transform the admin, payroll and HR departments, but also the operations teams, the Health & Safety department and the management team in such a way that, even if the office building were burning to the ground, the business can fully operate on mobile devices, work from home and still achieve all their business objectives, whilst also saving the business money.

The old adage that “time is money” is even more true now than ever before, why waste time with out-dated process flows when your teams could be spending their valuable time preparing for your next clients. If each department has the ability to save 2-3 days a week of their time on your existing clients, imagine the capacity they would have for your next growth strategy.

Digital transformation should not be at the back of anyone’s mind right now, preparing and scaling your business in this way is the best investment you can make right now, for your teams and your bottom line.