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Central to the payroll process, employee time and attendance is a mission critical function that needs to be administered effectively ensuring employees are paid their wages and salaries on time.

Our skilled consultants can manage your complete time management requirement to payroll.

How We Help You
On-line, real time, time management service with multi-level time sheet approvals, detailed time and attendance reporting, and leave management. Streamline the entire payroll process by administering employee time sheets, attendance records, leave management, schedule planning and shifting.

With web and mobile access, management teams can action employee attendance, absenteeism, lost time and schedules on-the-go ensuring an accurate up-to-the-minute account for employee time and costs.

Our Services Include
Cloud Hosted time & attendance software
Multi-user timesheet management
A team of experienced employees to manage your day-to-day time and attendance management
Choice of service level agreement
Additional Products & Services

World-class biometric products
Access control
3rd Party software integration
Time & Attendance FAQ’s
What makes EDMA Time & Attendance Different?
Traditional software solutions are reactive, resulting in businesses needing to attend to corrective management after the fact. Pro-active informatics, such as dashboards, allows managers to make informed business decisions minute-by-minute to keep with in project scope, timelines and budgets.

Why do we need Time and Attendance software?
Legislation requires that employers keep an accurate record of employee information including clocking transactions, paid hours and payroll records. These records should be kept for at least five years, providing historical records in the event of a legal dispute between employer and employee. Similarly, it is best practice for companies to implement a solution that will accurately, and fairly, calculate hours for employees for payment.

Can EDMA integrate with our payroll?
EDMA has seamless integration with leading SAGE payroll products, but can export approved time sheet data to any payroll brand. Our integration team will create any output format required.

Can EDMA use our existing biometric hardware?
The EDMA solution has been tailored to manage detailed integration with Virdi Biometrics, however our integration team can create APIs to import employee transactions from just about any biometric system

Can EDMA manage access control?
EDMA can facilitate the implementation of access control on doors, booms, gates, turnstiles or any other kind of access control with unique access parameters securing your premises at all times.

What kind of savings can I expect from EDMA?
As a general guide, implementing a proper time and attendance system can save you between 5% and 10% of your wage bill. Using a system that provides effective time and attendance management assists you in managing employee late arrivals, extended breaks and early departures. Five minutes lost to each employee each day quickly adds up to an expensive lost time bill.

We provide industry-leading hardware, chosen for its accuracy, durability and reliability.

We have a curated list of EDMA - compatible devices that perform best with our advanced software.


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