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EDMA Time and Attendance Software

We provide effective workforce management software solutions. EDMA software is a proactive business management software including Time & Attendance, Human Resources and Cost Management modules.

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EDMA Workforce Management Services

We provide effective workforce management services for small, medium and large businesses. Our Industrial relations, Human resource and payroll outsourcing services are available as an ad-hoc, retainer or per employee billing basis.

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EDMA Time and Attendance Hardware

We sell, install and support biometric hardware. We work closely with access control hardware manufacturers to design a time management solution for your business.

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EDMA Time and Attendance Software

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Time & Attendance

Proactive Time & Attendance software with real-time, actionable dashboards that provide valuable insight into employee attendance, man-hours, lost time, labour costs & overtime management.

cost management software
Cost Management

Our unique cost management software provides up-to-the-minute cost reports and effectively enables managers to control labour costs before they happen.

Employee Management

Comprehensive Employee Document Management software that allows you to add employee information, store, manage; and report on employee documents.

employee management software
Planning & Scheduling

Efficient Shift scheduling software that enables users to easily plan and manage employee shifts, leave and schedules.

payroll outsource software

Get a Quote +27 (0) 31 764 2295

Get a Quote +44 (0) 785 299 5226

What can EDMA do for your business?

EDMA is designed to improve efficiency by highlighting attendance issues in real-time, increase productivity by ensuring management are made aware of excessive breaks and absenteeism in real-time and reduce labour costs by planning your labour more effectively.

Designed to suit any industry

Dynamic company set up features, customisable to suit any industry and business. Designed to centrally manage a global workforce with multiple company hierarchy configurations. Manage country and company specific rules for employee contracts, earnings, shifts and leave profiles, ensuring legislative and company policy compliance; no matter the location. Detailed, flexible shift rule set up with the ability to handle most complex use cases.

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Time and Attendance and HR Management News

We write about time and attendance challenges and solutions we've met and provided to our users

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