Digitise your job costings. No more manual timesheets.

Digitally transforming your business means also digitally job costing all your jobs/projects online, without the need for manual timesheet capture. Reduce all the duplication of work between time and attendance and job costing and let all the information from the timesheets be allocated directly to the job.

Although EDMA can handle very complex job costing scenarios, we do understand that job costing requirements can be very company specific, if it doesn’t already exist in EDMA, we will be happy to consult and create your solution in EDMA for you.


  • Track remote working and mobile staff

    Set up jobs with GPS locations to accurately track staff arrival at job locations.

  • Dashboard management

    Job costing dashboard map views of staff arrival on site.

  • Manage staff on scheduled jobs

    Schedule your employees to jobs and manage their arrival, late, left early and absenteeism to scheduled jobs.

  • Accurately cost out jobs

    Use EDMA clocking apps and biometric devices to accurately cost the correct employees to the scheduled jobs.

  • Export in multiple formats

    EDMA automatically creates job costing timesheets in multiple formats for import into your job costing payroll. We also offers multiple job costing report formats for import into your accounting system.

  • Accurate allowance calculations

    EDMA can be set up to pay employees by skill rate, based on jobs worked, no more manual acting allowance calculations required.

  • Flexible to your needs

    EDMA offers multiple job costing payment rules available to suit your complex job costing needs.


If you require hardware we can supply devices ranging from non-contact / touchless facial and iris recognition to fingerprint and card machines for positive identification and clocking of employees.

We can also advise on existing hardware.


Our expert support team are available 24/7 to answer all your questions.


Available on multiple web browsers, anytime, anywhere

24/7 Support

24/7 help desk support included in all subscription packages

Easy to use

Designed to suit any industry, with flexible set up features and easy-to-use design


Pro-active, real-time dashboard analytics for valuable insight into your business