Digitally transform your business.

With this comprehensive and innovative software, the EDMA Human Resources Module, reduce your operational costs, lessen the reporting burden and wasted HR management time and ensure increased profitability.

The module takes away many of the manual processes allowing for easy exception management.


  • Document storage

    Go paperless by uploading and storing all employee documents digitally.

  • Dashboard management

    Manage your employees straight from the dashboard.

  • Unlimited employees

    Centrally manage unlimited employees across multiple company branches, departments and cost centres.

  • Excessive breaks and absenteeism

    Manage employee excessive absenteeism and breaks that can be actioned further if need be.

  • Document expiry management

    Manage licences and employee document expiry, easily and efficiently with 30/60 or 90 day renewal notifications.

  • Health and safety protocols

    Manage Skill certifications, medicals and inductions expiry, ensuring compliance with health and safety protocols.

  • Transfers management

    Inter-company, branch, department and pay group transfer module for dynamic view of employees throughout their tenure.

  • Terminations management

    A termination in HR prevents timesheet editing after termination date ensuring accurate timesheets to payroll.

  • Leave management

    Effectively plan and manage all leave in advance, with online leave approvals.


If you require hardware we can supply devices ranging from non-contact / touchless facial and iris recognition to fingerprint and card machines for positive identification and clocking of employees.

We can also advise on existing hardware.


Our expert support team are available 24/7 to answer all your questions.


Available on multiple web browsers, anytime, anywhere

24/7 Support

24/7 help desk support included in all subscription packages

Easy to use

Designed to suit any industry, with flexible set up features and easy-to-use design


Pro-active, real-time dashboard analytics for valuable insight into your business