Reduce costs. Improve planning. Increase efficiencies.

With this comprehensive and innovative software, the EDMA Time and Attendance Module, manage your workforce more efficiently and accurately with our holistic time management solution.

The module has been designed to assist businesses in proactively managing and correctly paying their employees, with little to no need for manual intervention.


  • Late, left early and absenteeism alerts

    EDMA highlights and alerts users of employee late, left early and absenteeism. Manage timesheet exceptions easily.

  • Dashboard exception management

    Manage timesheet exceptions straight from the dashboard. No need to access timesheets every day.

  • Work remotely

    Admin and payroll staff can manage timesheets and payroll exports online while working remotely.

  • Dynamic shift payment rule set up

    Our dynamic shift rule set up lets you define accurate payment rules per shift, increasing your ability to save costs.

  • Single and bulk shift scheduling

    Easy, efficient, single and bulk scheduling system. Allocate days off, leave and shifts – all in one place.

  • Holiday and sick leave management

    Manage all leave in advance, with leave request and approvals system linked to timesheet approvals.

  • Automatic timesheet creation

    EDMA creates automatic real-time live timesheets, updating employee transactions as they happen.

  • Multiple timesheet approvals

    Timesheets can have up to four levels of approval based on user access definitions. All users are strictly defined in our user access set up to ensure users are only looking at and approving the data they are allowed to.

  • Export to payroll

    EDMA has multiple payroll export file formats available for download and export to payroll in batches, ensuring flexibility for processing payroll.


If you require hardware we can supply devices ranging from non-contact / touchless facial and iris recognition to fingerprint and card machines for positive identification and clocking of employees.

We can also advise on existing hardware.


Our expert support team are available 24/7 to answer all your questions.


Available on multiple web browsers, anytime, anywhere

24/7 Support

24/7 help desk support included in all subscription packages

Easy to use

Designed to suit any industry, with flexible set up features and easy-to-use design


Pro-active, real-time dashboard analytics for valuable insight into your business