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EDMA Systems is a high-energy, innovative company, taking integrated business software into an exciting new era. We pride ourselves on superior customer service
throughout the experience – from enquiries and sales to end-user support. The EDMA team is committed to providing a fast,
efficient on-boarding process that enables our customers to go live with speed and confidence.
Our business model incorporates comprehensive support, cutting down on unforeseen costs
and optimising results for every customer.

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South African Offices

We have a team of trained consultants and support staff awaiting your call.

Sales/Accounts: +27 (0) 31 764 2295

Support: +27 (0) 31 764 2295

We provide industry-leading hardware, chosen for its accuracy, durability and reliability.

We have a curated list of EDMA - compatible devices that perform best with our advanced software.


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