Do I need an on-site server to use EDMA?

No, EDMA software is Cloud-based and will not require an on-site server to host it. Although EDMA works on Safari, we recommend Chrome and Firefox web browsers for enhanced user experience. Unfortunately, we do not support Internet Explorer as Microsoft has stopped support.

Does EDMA have the ability to manage my staff schedules with holidays and sick leave?

Yes, EDMA has a full Leave Management Module (EDMA Human Resources) with its own approval system that works with our Scheduling Module (EDMA Time & Attendance). We are currently in development with Employee Self Service (ESS) and Leave Entitlement modules that will assist with leave balances and employees will be able to request leave from an ESS mobile app and receive leave approval notifications.

Are my employees able to manipulate their clocking transactions?

No, employees don’t have access to their clocking transactions. EDMA software flags duplicate clockings for the user to investigate if an employee has excessive one directional clockings.

What level of security does EDMA have?

EDMA is hosted online in a secure data centre that has built-in off-site replication, network bandwidth burst capabilities and global redundancy across all network locations with mirrored server backups ensuring no down time.

Why should I use EDMA Human Resource Module when I already have an HR software product?

Other time and attendance systems require you to manage the same employee information as you would manage in your HR software and payroll software and lack the ability to consolidate into one system, therefore duplicating or triplicating your work. HR departments inevitably fall behind with the mountain of paperwork to manage employees. EDMA manages all your employee information online for both HR and Time & Attendance at the same time, reducing your administrative burden and using that information for managing your staff costs too. This eliminates the need for multiple software vendors and, using EDMA for everything at one fee, saves you yet more money.

Payroll Integrations

Does EDMA integrate to payroll software?

Currently, EDMA has payroll file export functionality. This means you can export a file in your payroll software format and import it into your payroll software. The word integrate means to directly import information into another software. We can do this and have integrated with certain Sage products. However, it depends on what the payroll software provider allows us to integrate with and how.

Can staff time sheets be imported into payroll?

Yes, our time sheets have multiple file export formats and can be imported into most payrolls. We currently offer Sage, Pastel, Psiber and general Excel exports and if we don’t have a file format that you require in our current export pack, we will create one at no extra cost to you. We also create accounting package file exports for our Job Costing Module at no extra cost.

Software Implementation

How quickly can we go live with EDMA?

We are able to fully set up your system within two weeks from signed quotation or payments received, depending on your quoted solution and provided that all relevant information required is timeously  supplied to our onboarding teams. It also depends whether you have signed up with us for modules that are still in development. We work with you to determine a go-live date based on your development needs.

It is important that we receive payroll information accurately, as the backoffice set up determines your payroll export information.

What information is required from my organisation in order to set up EDMA?

EDMA is more than just an average time and attendance system, it has the ability to manage your staff costs in real-time and therefore requires more information than most other systems on the market. Once you have signed up, we will set up a kick-off meeting to discuss the information required.

Software Training

What training do you offer?

We offer individual or group training sessions depending on what is required. We also offer remote training online.

Do you offer train-the-trainer training?

Yes, we do. Some customers prefer to have software champions that are trained to assist internally, especially if your business is large and may require multiple training sessions. By training a trainer, the company can also save on billing. We place more value on customer relationships than extra billings of support services and training sessions.

Software Support

What kind of support do you offer?

Our support packages can be tailored to suit your business operations. We offer various types of support, such as telephonic, site-visit and remote online support. To keep costs down customers can utilise our remote desktop support. We do offer Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom and Teams communication options for customers that require faster support. It all depends on what suits you and your team. Our support packages are included in our SLA billing per month.

I don’t like to phone a call centre and speak to a stranger. Can you offer an alternative?

Once you sign up with EDMA, we allocate you an account manager, as well as a back up account manager in the event your account manager is unavailable. We contact your account manager directly should you need anything or have an queries.

Biometric Hardware Devices

Would EDMA be able to integrate to our existing biometric hardware devices?

This depends what hardware you have. We do, however, prefer to integrate with Virdi biometric devices and can offer various trade-in options should you wish to replace your existing devices.

Why do you only offer Virdi biometric devices?

We believe that Virdi is the most durable product on the market and, although it is not one of the cheapest options, it does offer more value for money in the long run. We are currently working on Impro and Paxton integrations that can link to other brands of biometric device

What happens if my premises loses power?

All our Virdi biometric devices have a back up battery power supply that will last a few hours, and continue to allow your employees the ability to clock in and out, ensuring no downtime. Other biometric hardware devices may also have a backup power supply but be sure to confirm with the supplier so that you receive accurate comparable quotes.

Should I change our fingerprint devices to facial recognition devices after COVID-19 pandemic?

This is not necessarily. You can upgrade to facial recognition if you prefer, however, you can also make your current fingerprint devices COVID-19 proof by enforcing hand sanitising after employee transactions and by implementing frequent device cleaning regimes. Be sure to look up what cleaning solutions work best for your devices as using the wrong cleaning solutions could damage the unit. Give us a call for any assistance with this.

Can we use facial recognition devices with EDMA?

Yes, EDMA works very well with facial recognition devices. We offer a range of facial recognition, fingerprint and card devices that can be installed at your premises as part of our implementation process.

Biometric Installations

Do you have a team of installers?

No, we outsource our biometric installations to reputable, vetted installers and facilitate the whole process on your behalf. We work very closely with the installation team to prepare for the installation. They are an extension of our team.

What happens if I have already installed devices and now need to move premises?

Your devices can be un-installed at the old premises and re-installed at your new premises. There is no need to purchase new devices. Be sure to add your devices to your insurance and asset registers.

How long does an installation take?

It depends on what solution you have opted for. Our sales team will quote you on hardware and installation time of the devices based on the solution you require. If you require turnstiles and door locks, or any other specific access control needs, this will be factored into the quotation and we will plan for device installation when it is required in the process, ensuring that you won’t pay for any downtime waiting for these items to be installed. Our team will go through the specifics with you to ensure you understand the full process and time frames of implementation.


What does EDMA software cost?

We offer various pricing options depending on how many users you require, whether you require mobile apps or installed devices and which EDMA modules you need. Our sales team can provide you with a quote that suits your needs. We have been known to be a little more expensive than our competitors, however, we have proven to save more money and offer more value. EDMA pays for itself in the long run.

Do you charge for additional employees?

No, we don’t charge per active employee and you are able to have as many employees as you would like in the system. However you may wish to see a per head value of our pricing, which can be provided by our sales team. We prefer to quote on fixed pricing options, ensuring full transparency of your costs and we do not believe in limiting your access because you have reached an employee limit.

Do you charge for extra training?

Depending on your Service Level Agreement (SLA), you may be required to pay for extra training of new staff that you require to be trained on EDMA after our initial training during implementation. Please ask our sales team to clarify what the SLA covers and what you may be billed, should you require extra training. We do find that implementing a train-the-trainer or champion in your organisation is the most cost effective option.

What are the hidden costs of EDMA?

There are no hidden costs. We itemise our quotations very thoroughly and explain each item. Software configuration and implementation is a once off charge at the start of the project implementation process. User training is billed per session based on your requirements. Our Service Level agreements (SLA) are billed monthly and include SaaS fees, software upgrades, software updates, server hosting, support and use of the software. We require signed documents confirming the configuration and implementation of the software. Apart from the above listed items, you may be required to pay for additional set up of the software that we were not aware of at implementation stage.